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Language and Russia Literature Teacher (similar vacancies)

City: Ульяновск. Consider candidates from other cities, ready to move.
Busy Type: Полный рабочий день
Work Place: Работа на территории работодателя
Condition and Compensation

Своевременная выплата зарплаты

Deliver classes online to small groups of PYP and MYP students under the IB programme
Cultivate a hunger for knowledge among students and engage them to learn
Encourage curiosity and continued improvement
Develop investigations (IBL) into important ideas, which require a substantial and high level of involvement on the part of students
Incorporate creative activities to stimulate learning
Provide a collaborative and engaging learning environment
Tailor the lessons to meet the students' needs, s
Candidate Requirements
Experience: from 3 years
Qualification Requirements

An energetic and passionate educator
A compassionate and confident leader
Knowledge of various teaching methods
Skills for early childhood development
Strong communication, organization and time-management skills
Clear, consistent and respectful communicator
Creative and able to create a fun learning environment
High level of patience
Keeps a positive attitude and can control emotions
Strong disciplinarian
Critical and creative thinking abilities
A patient, caring and approachable personality
Qualification: Higher Education, IB workshops
Direction of activity
Образование / Бизнес-образование / Тренинги (all vacancies this activity)
   Дошкольное и школьное образование (all vacancies this activity)
      Учитель (all vacancies this activity)
      Учитель младших классов (all vacancies this activity)
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